The Festival of the Lamb in Sisteron

The Lamb Festival in Sisteron is quite simply the festival of sheep. Indeed, the city of Sisteron is a bit like the capital of lamb in France. Added to this is a long pastoral tradition that has enabled the inhabitants to support their local economy. This festival takes place once a year. It also aims to highlight peasant work in general.

Sisteron lamb at the centre of attention

On the day of the Feast of the Lamb, the activities start in the morning at about 9 o'clock. A great transhumance through the town begins with a huge number of sheep. This is a good opportunity for visitors to take pictures to keep memories of this unusual sheep parade. The sheep and their breeders then continue on their way to the mountains where their animals will enjoy the fresh grass.

But the Lamb Festival does not stop there, because the fun activities and entertainment are to continue unabated. Visitors can discover the livestock industry, especially the sheep industry. This will be done by means of a presentation of innovations in the methods and equipment of pastoral work.

Dressage shows, lamb-shearing competitions and agricultural and educational events of various kinds are also presented in one of the town squares.

When tradition and economic events merge

Beyond the fact that this celebration of transhumance on foot dates back many years, Sisteron is also a place where pastoralism occupies a prominent place. Because of this, several exhibitions of cattle and other animals involved in rural activities often take place. Visitors can find out more thanks to educational stands.

The Lamb Festival is therefore made for entertainment, but also to highlight sheep farming and its socio-economic benefits. This event is now most visited in Sisteron.