The Museum of Old Sisteron

Le musée du vieux Sisteron is the main historical monument which relates through its archaeological collections the stages of evolution of this city. Located in the Durance valley, it offers various exhibitions that recall the setting and the way of life of the inhabitants from antiquity to today. Be sure to visit during your stay at L'Hippocampe campsite.


This monument dates back to the Neolithic period and contains important reminders of the city's past. So if you want to get to know the life of the city of Sisteron through historical representations, the municipal museum is the place to go. Here are a few things to find out:

  • Many archaeological collections from local excavations: they show the different phases of the city's development;
  • Stone objects;
  • Permanent exhibitions: they recall the beliefs, religious practices and historical activities of the region;
  • An exceptional set that comes from a mausoleum;
  • Coins;
  • And much more!

You can visit the museum free of charge. The museum is closed Sunday and Monday.

Some places to visit near the Museum of Old Sisteron

Several tourist sites are located in the vicinity of this monument. In particular: the wild valley animal park, the municipal swimming pool of Laragne-Montéglin and the museum of Laragne. You can also discover the municipal museum of Forcalquier, the Hublot Cinema and the garden of Giono.

The Museum of Old Sisteron is an important local attraction. It is full of numerous archaeological collections and exhibitions dedicated to exploring the history of the region since the Neolithic era. History buffs won’t regret their visit.