La Route du Temps

The Road of Time (“ la route du temps”) follows a picturesque route with magnificent landscapes and sites located in the Alpes de Haute Provence.

What can you visit on the Route du Temps?

The Route du Temps takes you past several beautiful places in the UNESCO geological reserve. These include landscapes suitable for hiking and panoramas over the Black Lands and the Hyssop Pass. You will acome across fossils, the 11th century crypt of Dromon, as well as small villages of Provence. Here are some other places you can visit:

  • The written stone (La pierre écrite) from Roman times;
  • Le musée Terre et Temps in Sisteron (the earth and time museum);
  • The animal park near the village of Saint Geniez;
  • The Citadel of Sisteron;
  • The Rocky Whale of Fontbelle;
  • The fossils at Digne les Bains;
  • Sundails;
  • The Sainte Marie Madeleine Church;
  • The Watchman by Andy Goldsworthy.

Along the way, you can walk in magnificent small villages such as Champtercier, Chaffaut-st-Jurson, Hautes Duyes, Thoard, etc. You can also carry out archaeological or botanical excavations as well as visit the animal park in St Geniez. It is possible to venture along the Road of time on your own or with a guided tour.

In summary, the Road of Time holds incredible discoveries. You will come across the best cultural sites in the region.