Festival Nuits de la Citadelle à Sisteron

Le Festival Nuits de la Citadelle in Sisteron is one of the first festivals in France. The Théâtre des verdures de la Citadelle was built in 1928. Since then, a large number of performances by contemporary artists (singers, orchestra masters, actors and comedians) have succeeded each other on stages that have become mythical.

An international festival in Sisteron

Every year, several artistic events take place during the Festival Nuits de la Citadelle. These can be music, dance or theatre performances. Some of the biggest names of the 20th century have come to Sisteron to perform to packed audiences. Among these brilliant artists, we can mention Barbara Hendricks, Jeanne Delvair, Karl Münchinger, Jean Marais, Patrick Dupond, Vadim Repin or Michel Corboz. Others include Jean Deschamps, Maria Casarès and Daniel Sorano. In short, the Citadel Festival is and remains a meeting place that artists and experts would not want to miss for anything.

The festival has diversified over the years. It includes so-called sacred music, for instance, as well as chamber music compositions.

The Nuits de la Citadelle festival

The Nuits de la Citadelle Festival takes place on specific dates and in three main venues in Sisteron. There's the Église Saint-Dominique, host to chamber concerts (performances by orchestras, quintets and more); the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-des-Pommiers, which is reserved for sacred music; and finally the Théâtre de la Citadelle, a green theatre reserved for plays and dance scenes.

The Festival de la citadelle is a real treat for visitors from the Sisteron area and even those from the Alpes Provençales. This doesn't stop many people travelling from Paris and other regions to attend this international gathering of modern contemporary art. It's also an opportunity to discover the unusual architecture of the citadel, as well as the town of Sisteron itself.