Adventure Park Sisteron

Discovering the natural surroundings and visiting the nearby tourist towns will make your stay on the campsite interesting and unforgettable. Make your stay at the 5-star Sunêlia campsite L'Hippocampe in Volonne even more fun with the various activities offered by the Sisteron Adventure Park. It is a climbing forest in a beautiful park with thrills for children from 3 years old, so you can have a great time with your family. Once a week, the children from the mini-club go on an excursion to the accrobranche in Sisteron.

Some of the activities available

Sisteron Aventures offers accrobranches courses with 6 levels of difficulty: three activity circuits for tourists. Apart from the first one, which is one metre high and accessible to children aged 3, this park also has other extreme thrill courses that require a minimum of energy. You'll find a whole host of games to brighten up your visit. These include:

  • Monkey bridges;
  • Adventure nets;
  • Zip lines;
  • Tarzan jump;
  • Footbridges;
  • The quick jump: a leap of sixteen (16) metres in height characterised by a descent of two (2) metres per second;

You can also try the slide, the swing, team sports and picnics.

The service and visiting periods

During your stay at L'Hippocampe campsite, Sisteron Aventures welcomes you 7 days a week from July to August between 10am and 7pm. For the rest of the year, reservations are required. You'll be treated warmly by the staff and guides on all visits and activities. This park, located at the foot of Sisteron's citadel, guarantees a relaxed, family atmosphere for tourists. You'll also find drinks outlets so you can enjoy your picnics in a shady, safe environment. Take a look around and you won't regret it.